Yacht Charter Skiathos


Skiathos, which remained isolated and agrarian until the early 1970s, is today one of Greece ’s most cosmopolitan islands. The population of Skiathos according to the last census is about 6000 inhabitants. Skiathos Town, the island’s major settlement and port, lies on the southeast coast. The town is a major tourist center. Opposite the waterfront [...]

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Yacht Charter Alonnisos


About 2 miles east of the island of Skopelos lies Alonnisos, which is also belongs to the Sporades Archipelago in Aegean sea. Thanks to remoteness, no airport and often sparse ferry/catamaran connections, Alonnisos attracts fewer foreign visitors than Skopelos or Skiathos. Alonnisos is the largest and only permanently inhabited member of a mini archipelago at [...]

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Yacht Charter Skopelos


In the western Aegean Sea lies one island of the northern Sporades archipelago called Skopelos. With a population of 5000 inhabitants Skopelos is considered to be one of the biggest islands among Sporades group. Skopelos is very rich in vegetation, is a handsome island of pine forests, vineyards, olive groves and orchards of plums and [...]

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Yacht Charter Skyros


Skyros is an island part of the Sporades archipelago in Aegean Sea in Greece. Skyros island is the southernmost of the Sporades archipelago and has a population, according to the last census, of about 3000 inhabitants. Skyros island is the farthest of the islands in Sporades archipelago . The distance from Alonnisos is about 37 [...]

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