Yacht Charter Santorini


This is one of the most spectacular islands in Greece.  Especially if you arrive by sea, you won’t confuse Santorini with any of the other Cyclades. What will confuse you is that the island is also known as Thira. Santorini's port is Athinios but many small ships arrive in Skala, a spectacular harbor that’s part [...]

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Yacht Charter Sikinos


Sikinos a quiet and remote island in Greece, a stone's  throw from Santorini with a population of about 300 people  is an island where you can experience a true traditional life style. The main habitation clusters are the port of Alopronia the village "Hora" and the Kastro village. Kastro if about 4 kilometres far from the [...]

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Yacht Charter Sifnos


Sifnos belongs to the Cyclades group of islands in the Aegean Sea and it is neighbour to Serifos on the northeast side, Antiparos to the west and Kimolos plus Poliegos to south east side. Compared to those islands and especialy to the northern islands like Antiparos, Sifnos is prettier tidier and more cultivated with some [...]

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Yacht Charter Syros


Endearing Syros merges traditional and modern Greece. One of the smallest islands of the Cyclades and relatively rural outside of the capital, it has the highest population since it is the legal and administrative center of the entire archipelago. It is also the ferry hub of the northern Islands and home to Ermoupoli, the grandest [...]

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Yacht Charter Mykonos


With a total population of about 10.190 inhabitants, Mykonos is the great glamour island of the Cyclades and it happily flaunts its sizzling style and reputation. The high-season mix of good-time holidaymakers, cruise-ship crowds which can reach as many as 15,000 a day, and posturing fashionistas throngs through Mykonos town, a traditional Cycladic maze, delighting [...]

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Yacht Charter Kythnos


One of the lesser known and most low key of the larger Cyclades, Kythnos is a good antidote to the exploitation that may be encountered elsewhere. Few foreigners visit, and the island – known for much of its history as Thermia, after its renowned hot springs , is quieter than Kea, particularly to the south [...]

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Yacht Charter Ios


With a population of 1900 people, Ios island belongs to Cyclades group of islands in Greece. In Ios you can spend days exploring the winding footpaths of the traditional hilltop old town or ensconced on a sandy beach. Discover the isolated interior and then return to town in time for the party. Or visit in [...]

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Yacht Charter Amorgos


Amorgos, with its dramatic mountain scenery and laid-back atmosphere, is attracting visitors in increasing numbers, most ferries and catamarans call at both Katapola in the southwest and Aegiali in the north. The island can get extremely crowded in midsummer, the numbers swollen by French people paying their respects to film location of Luc Besson’s The [...]

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Yacht Charter Kea


With a population of about 2450  Kea , although naturally beautiful with craggy cliffs, spectacular coastline and fecund hillsides, has been overrun by vacation homes. Kea island belongs to the Cyclades group of islands in Aegean Sea. Being the island nearest to Athens, it’s just too easy to reach. Rent wheels to get off the [...]

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Yacht Charter Milos


With a population of 4960 volcanic Milos arches around a central caldera and is ringed with dramatic coastal landscapes of colourful and surreal rock formations. The island’s most celebrated export, the iconic Venus de Milo, is far away in the Louvre but hot springs, the most beaches of any Cycladic island and a series of [...]

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