Yacht Charter Crete


Crete is the gem of the southern Aegean. The biggest island in Greece with an exquisite 1,000 kilometer long coastline dotted with numerous coves, bays and peninsulas, which afford a multitude of soft, sandy beaches along the beautifully blue Mediterranean Sea. It is located in the southern part of the Aegean Sea separating the Aegean [...]

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Yacht Charter Greece


Yacht charter Greece: The Greek peninsula at the far south east of Europe is made up of the mainland (Attica, Peloponnese, Central Greece, Thessaly, Epirus, Macedonia and Thrace) and the islands in the Aegean and Ionian Seas. The area has a population of about 10 million. The Greek cruising area offers about 2000 islands and [...]

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Yacht Charter Anticythera


Anticythera is a tiny wind blown 22 square kilometres island about 13 kilometres to the south of Cythera. This small island offers such beauty and calmness that can easily captivated you. Even a few days on the island seems a lot time as you feel so relaxed that ever. Rocky and poor, and a site [...]

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Yacht Charter Cythera


The island of Cythera dangles 12km off the tip of the Peloponnese’s Lakonian peninsula between the Aegean and Ionian Seas. It is, despite its proximity to the Peloponnese, considered a part of the Ionian Island group, and the stands of cypress trees help remind you. Genuinely unspoilt, the rolling, central plateau that covers most of [...]

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Yacht Charter Serifos


With a population of 1480 inhabitants, Serifos has a raw, rugged beauty with steep mountains plunging to broad ultramarine bays. Relatively deserted outside of the quaint hilltop capital of Hora or the dusty, wild west–feeling port of Livadi down below, the island feels like it’s gone beautifully feral. All that you find are the occasional [...]

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Yacht Charter Ikaria


Ikaria a narrow, windswept landmass between Samos and Mykonos, is comparatively little visited and invariably underestimated as it is the most magical of the northeastern Aegean Islands. Ikaria’s dramatic and varied terrain comprises deep, forested gorges, rocky moonscapes and hidden beaches with aquamarine waters. The name supposedly derives from Icarus, son of Daedalus, the legendary [...]

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Yacht Charter Agistri


A few kilometres off the west coast of Aegina stands Agistri, a tiny island, obscure enough to be overlooked by most island-hoppers. Agistri lies on Saronic Gulf on Aegean Sea. The gulf includes also the islands of  Salamina, Poros, Spetses, Hydra along with smaller islands of Patroklos and Fleves. The Athen's port of Piraeus lies [...]

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Yacht Charter Spetses


Spetses stands proudly just a few kilometres from the mainland Peloponnese, but there is a stronger sense of carefree island Greece here than in other Saronic Gulf destinations. The lively, historic old town is the only village on the island; the rest, ringed by a simple road, is rolling hills and crystal clear coves. Relaxed-feeling [...]

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Yacht Charter Poros


Poros is separated from the mountainous Peloponnese by a narrow sea channel, and its protected setting makes the main settlement of Poros Town seem like a cheery lakeside resort. Its pastel hued houses stack up the hillside to a clock tower and make a vibrant first impression. Poros is made up of two land masses [...]

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Yacht Charter Hydra


Hydra is truly the gem of the Saronic Gulf and stands alone among Greek islands as the one free of wheeled vehicles. No cars or scooters, just tiny marble-cobbled lanes, donkeys, rocks and sea. Artists like Nikos Chatzikyriakos Ghikas, musicians Leonard Cohen, actors and celebrities (Melina Mercouri, Sophia Loren) and travellers have all been drawn [...]

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