Syros Yacht Charter

Endearing Syros merges traditional and modern Greece. One of the smallest islands of the Cyclades and relatively rural outside of the capital, it has the highest population since it is the legal and administrative center of the entire archipelago. It is also the ferry hub of the northern Islands and home to Ermoupoli, the grandest of all Cycladic towns, with an unusual history. It buzzes with life year-round, boasts great eateries, and showcases the best of everyday Greek life.

Don’t be put off by first impressions of Syros. From the ferry it can seem rather industrial, but once past the Neorio shipyard which dominates the harbour entrance things improve quickly. It remains a working island with only a relatively recent history of tourism, making it among the most Greek of the Cyclades. The most populous island in the group, Syros may also come as a refreshing change from its more touristy neighbours, though outsiders do come to the island (there’s a thriving permanent foreign community), the beaches are busy and the villages sprawl widely with new development.

The main town and port of Ermoupoli is one of the most striking in the Cyclades. A Unesco World Heritage Site, it possesses an elegant collection of grand town houses which rise majestically from the bustling, café – lined waterfront. The town was founded during the War of Independence by refugees from Psara and Chios, and grew in importance to become Greece’s chief port in the nineteenth century. Although Pireaus outstripped it long ago, Ermoupoli is still the largest town in the Cyclades, and the archipelago’s capital.

The specific geographical coordinates of Syros island are 37°25’43.2″N 24°54’49.3″E in Aegean Sea.

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