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Symi, a stunning island that excites you even before you step on the island. The Italiante harbour of Gialos with those biscuitant wine coloured houses is ideal for sailing. The island of Symi is considered to be one of those Dodecanese islands with outstanding beauty, really difficult to forget. Symi’s population after the most recent  census is 2700 inhabitants.

Gialos is the capital of Symi and thanks to Italian colonisation is indeed the prettiest port  with its neoclassical facades. Above it rising steeply up the mountainside is the village of Horio, to which it is connected by the Kali Strata, a steep cobbled stairway winding through sea captains’ houses and crumbling remains. This magical island a glitter with crystal clear water so transparent in places the boats look as if they’re floating on thin air, has plenty of blue coves and beaches to explore, as well as walking tour operators.

Symi has a long tradition of sponge diving and shipbuilding, and is mentioned in the “Iliad” as sending three ships to assist Agamemnon’s siege of Troy. In Ottoman times it was granted the right to fish for sponges in Turkish waters. In return, Symi supplied the sultan with first-class boat builders. This exchange brought prosperity to the island, gracious mansions were built and culture and education flourished.

Symi has various pebbly beaches stretches at the heads of deep protected bays that indent the coastline.  Pedhi which lies about 1 kilometre east of Horio, retaining some of its past as a fishing hamlet, with the island’s largest plain behind  supporting a few vegetable gardens. Though Pedhis beach is medicore and patronage from yachts.
The only sand cove on Symi is Saint Nikolas and offers sheltered swimming, shady tamarisks and beach activities.  Saint Marina beach , where a path on the north side of the inlet leads, is a minuscule one with a monastery capped islet to which you can easily swim.  Pondikokastro, a round Hellenistic funerary monument, just before a line of windmills is located at the east end of Horió.

Right at the north end of Symi island stands Nimos island , one very small islet just 4.5 square kilometres. There any inhabitants on that island though, it is proclaimed as the rest of Symi an archeological site.

Symi island lies in the Aegean Sea with exact geographic coordinates of 36°35’11.6″N 27°50’31.1″E. The island of Symi belongs to the Dodecanese group of islands and is part of the Rhodes regional unit. Symi located  about 27 miles east of Tilos island, 25 miles northwest of Rhodes and 264 miles from the port of Athens.

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