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Skyros is an island part of the Sporades archipelago in Aegean Sea in Greece. Skyros island is the southernmost of the Sporades archipelago and has a population, according to the last census, of about 3000 inhabitants.

Skyros island is the farthest of the islands in Sporades archipelago . The distance from Alonnisos is about 37 miles on the southeastern side.
Skyros, the largest and the fourth inhabited of the Sporades group, can seem like two separate islands: the fertile north, Meroi, has small bays, rolling farmland and pine forests    while the rocky south, Vouno,  features arid hills and a rocky shoreline, quarried for marble and home to semi-wild herds of the local pony. Vouno belongs mostly to Athonite monastery Megistis Lavras.

In Greek mythology, Skyros was hiding place of the young Achilles. Skyros was also the last port of call for the English poet Rupert Brooke (1887–1915), who died of septicaemia on a French hospital ship off the coast of Skyros en route to the Battle of Gallipoli.

Skyros’ capital is draped over a high rocky bluff. It’s topped by a 13th-century Venetian fortress, and is laced with labyrinthine, smooth cobblestone streets that invite wandering, but were designed to keep out the elements, including pirates.

Skyros has best succeeded in retaining its traditional culture, though tourism are accelerating. While the dramatically set Hora remains a “normal” village, its main street is well used to visitors, and popular beach resorts lie downhill.

Skyros geographical coordinates are 38°49’12.0″N 24°35’40.0″E in Aegean Sea with a total area of about 210 square kilometers.

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