In the western Aegean Sea lies one island of the northern Sporades archipelago called Skopelos. With a population of 5000 inhabitants Skopelos is considered to be one of the biggest islands among Sporades group.
Skopelos is very rich in vegetation, is a handsome island of pine forests, vineyards, olive groves and orchards of plums and almonds, which find their way into many local dishes.
Like Skiathos, the high cliffs of the northwest coast are exposed, while the sheltered southeast coast harbours several sand-and-pebble beaches. There are two settlements: the capital and main port of Skopelos Town on the east coast and the northwest village of Glossa, 2km north of Loutraki, the island’s second port.Both ports of Skopelos have links to Volos, Agios Konstantinos, and the islands of Skiathos, Alonnisos and Skyros.
Skopelos Town skirts a semicircular bay and rises in tiers up a hillside of dazzling white houses with bright shutters and flower-adorned balconies, ending at an old fortress and a cluster of four churches. The town’s waterfront is flanked by two quays. The old quay wraps around the western end of the harbour, the new quay at the eastern end is used by all ferries and hydrofoils.
It was inevitable that handsomely rugged Skopelos would also be developed, but it has happened a bit more wisely and at a slower pace than on Skiathos. Agriculture, once a staple of the local economy, is in decline and nowadays Skopelos is fully dependent on the tourism industry.
Skopelos geographical coordinates are 39°07’11.3″N 23°42’56.1″E on the Aegean Sea with a total area of about 96 square kilometres.

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