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With a population of 1480 inhabitants, Serifos has a raw, rugged beauty with steep mountains plunging to broad ultramarine bays. Relatively deserted outside of the quaint hilltop capital of Hora or the dusty, wild west–feeling port of Livadi down below, the island feels like it’s gone beautifully feral. All that you find are the occasional remnants of past mining enterprises , the whoosh of the wind, and the flitting of butterflies.

Worth to mention that in Greek mythology, Serifos is where Perseus grew up and where the Cyclops were said to live.
A great choice is to explore Serifos as the history is present to many areas of the island and you will have the chance to see many attractions in any point of the island you will navigate.

The capital of Serifos itself is a characteristic fortified medieval settlement which was built in a way for the protection of the inhabitants from the pirate aids.
Serifos has many churches and traditional buildings and two museums. Among the attractions in Serifos are few buildings of antiquity, while some of the attractions you definitely should see are the old mining facilities in several places on the island.

Although Serifos is a small island, it has many beaches for any taste which you can find them all around the island even by the harbor. Despite the fact that most of them are easily accessible there a few worth while visiting but you can reach them only by boat such as Kalo Ampeli beach.

The specific geographical coordinates are 37°09’00.0″N 24°30’00.0″E in Aegean Sea. Serifos island is located about 15 miles south of Kythnos island and 17 miles norhtwest of Sifnos island.

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