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Lush Samothraki sits alone in the northeastern Aegean, halfway between the mainland port of Alexandroupoli and Limnos to the south. This thickly forested island is rarely visited out of high season, but it boasts one of the most important archaeological sites in Greece: the ancient Thracian Sanctuary of the Great Gods. Also here stands the Aegean’s loftiest peak, Mountain Fengari 1611metres, from where Homer recounts that Poseidon, god of the sea, watched the Trojan War unfold. Samothraki’s mountainous interior is bursting with massive gnarled oak and plane trees, making it ideal for hiking and mountain biking. And the island’s waterfalls, which plunge into deep, glassy pools, provide cool relief on hot summer days. Remote southeastern beaches are pristine, while the west offers hot baths at Loutra Therma.
Inland from the main fishing port of sleepy Kamariotissa lies the former capital, Hora, bursting with flowers and handsome homes, all overlooking the distant sea. The island’s remoteness and poor public transport mean that it’s often forgotten by island-hoppers, but devotees of ancient archaeology, or those pursuing hiking and canyoning will find it worth the effort it takes to get here.

There are enough nice beaches for swimming in Samothraki but the most popular are the Paxia Ammos, Vatos and Kipos. The Paxia Ammos beach is the most beautiful one lies on the south side of the island, near the village Lakkwma, 17 kilometres from the capital Kamariotissa. It is a huge golden beach where the southern main axis of the island ends up.
Vatos an also beautiful sandy beach, surrounded by high cliffs with caves. Further east is the famous waterfall Kremastos. The crystal waters fall from above directly into the sea. The forces of nature and tectonic faults, created a wonderful location and beach, at the eastern end of the main thoroughfare, named Kipos. This beach is not reachable by foot, only by boat and has taken its name because as they say that during the Hellenistic period there was a large garden in that side.

Despite that Samothraki has this natural beauty and a remarkable  archeological interest , the tourim industry is not as well developed compared to other Greek Islands. Maybe that is the main reason why Samothraki has mainted as is today.

Samothraki population is about 3000 inhabitants and the total are of the island is 178 square kilometres. Samothraki is located southeast of Thasos and northeast of Limnos, 30 miles south from mainland Alexandroupoli, Greece. The island lies on the northeast side of Aegean Sea and the geographical coordinates of it are 40°27’21.2″N 25°35’23.0″E .

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