Yacht Charter Salamina

Salamina is the closest island to Athens and it lies to Saronishes Golf. It is the most densely populated island in Saronischer Golf with a population of about 40000 inhabitants. The island itself is highly developed and has a few tourist facilities. Except one beach which lies in he north side of the island and the monastery of Faneromeni there is no much to see. The Monastery of Faneromeni is a working nunnery with impressive frescoes, beautifully sited amidst pine woods overlooking the mainland.

Salamina’s main port lies on the eastern side of the island and called Paloukia, after Piraeus port the second largest in Greece. Five kilometres or so beyond, Eandio has the island’s cleanest and most attractive beaches. The largest village on Salamina stands on the southwestern part of the island.

The specific geographic coordinates of Salamina island are 37°55’51.0″N 23°30’45.7″E in Aegean Sea.

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