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Poros is separated from the mountainous Peloponnese by a narrow sea channel, and its protected setting makes the main settlement of Poros Town seem like a cheery lakeside resort. Its pastel hued houses stack up the hillside to a clock tower and make a vibrant first impression.

Poros is made up of two land masses connected by a tiny isthmus. Sferia, which is occupied mainly by the town of Poros, and the much larger and mainly forested Kalavria, which has the island’s beaches and seasonal hotels scattered along its southern shore. Poros still maintains a sense of remoteness in its sparsely populated, forested interior. The Peloponnesian town of Galatas lies on the opposite shore, making Poros a useful base from which to explore the ancient sites of the Peloponnese.

Separated from the mainland by a 350-metre strait, Poros barely qualifies as an island at all. Popular with Brits and candinavians – more than any other Argo-Saronic island. There are in fact two islands, Sferia the town of Poros and the far larger Kalavria, separated from each other by a miniature canal, now silting up, spanned by a bridge. The town is a busy place, with constant traffic of shipping and people thus it is not the ideal place where you can fin peace.

The specific geographical coordinates of Poros island are 37°31’20.7″N 23°28’16.0″E in Aegean Sea. The total area is 49.600 square kilometres and Poros population according to the last census is about 4000 inhabitants.

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