Mykonos Yacht Charter

With a total population of about 10.190 inhabitants, Mykonos is the great glamour island of the Cyclades and it happily flaunts its sizzling style and reputation. The high-season mix of good-time holidaymakers, cruise-ship crowds which can reach as many as 15,000 a day, and posturing fashionistas throngs through Mykonos town, a traditional Cycladic maze, delighting in its authentic cubist charms and its pricey cafe, bar and shopping scene.

In high season, you should come only if you are bankrolled and intent on joining the jostling street crowds, the oiled-up lounger lifestyle at the island’s packed main beaches, and the relentless party. Out of season, devoid of gloss, glitter and preening celebrities, you will find a more subdued local life, the occasional soft-pink pelican wandering the empty streets, and beaches backed by banging clubs which have gone silent for the winter. Mykonos is also the jumping-off point for the splendid archaeological site of the nearby island of Delos.

The main town of Mykonos, Hora  the island’s well-preserved port and capital, is a warren of narrow alleyways and white-walled buildings overlooked by the town’s famous windmills. In the heart of the waterfront Little Venice quarter (Venetia), which is spectacular at sunset, tiny flower-bedecked churches jostle with trendy boutiques, and there’s a cascade of bougainvillea around every corner. High-season streets are crowded with  chic boutiques, cool galleries, jangling jewellers and both languid and loud music bars, plus a catwalk cast of thousands.

Τhe island of Mykonos is surrounded by several Cycladic islands (Tinos, Siros, Paros, Naxos, Ikaria) in small distances between them about 10 to 20 miles. The exact geographical coordinates are 37°26’51.0″N 25°19’56.3″E in Aegean Sea.

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