Yacht Charter Lipsi

Lipsi is a group of 30 islands which lie on the southeastern Aegean. The main island of the group is called Lipsi or Lipso and it is a very small one, about 8 kilometres long. Despite its size though evokes a powerful presence on the traveller.

In Homer’s ‘Odyssey’, Lipsi was home to the nymph Calypso who waylaid the hero Odysseus for several years. Abandon yourself to sun worshipping and wandering the backstreets of Lipsi Village, and you may fare the same. Within the blue-domed church of Panagia tou Harou there’s a unique icon inside whose glass cabinet miraculously bloom unwatered lilies every 23 August.

Hugging the deep harbour, Lipsi Village, the only community on the island, is a cosy, intimate affair with an atmospheric old town of blue-shuttered houses radiating up the hill in a web of backstreets.

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