Koufonisia Yacht Charter

Koufonisia is consisted of three islands, Ano Koufonisia, Kato Koufonisia and Keros among of which the Ano Koufonisia is the inhabited one. With a population of about 400 in Ano Koufonisia while in Kato Koufonisia there are any, just one seasonal taverna that serves the locals and the tourists.Kato Koufonisia is characterized by its low profile with those outstanding wild beautyful beaches and a lovely church.

Ano Koufonisia is the most populous and developed which contains white sanded green water beaches where you meet the holiday spirit. Ano Koufonisia avoided the fact that new rooms and hotels have developed, the small island atmosphere still remains.

In Koufonissi you must taste fresh fish as fishing is the main local’s occupation. In the southeast side of the island are located all those beaches that make the Ano Koufonisi popular.You can reach them one by one as you go east along a semi-paved road that skirts the gradually developing coastline along the edge of low cliffs. Finikas, Xarokopou and Fanos are the beaches’s names which adorn the island.

Further east, the path rounds a rocky headland to Pori, a much longer and wilder beach, backed by dunes and set in a deep bay. It can be reached more easily from the town by following a dirt road heading inland through the low scrub-covered hills.

The best views are not of Koufonissi itself, but out across the water to mountainous Keros island. In Keros, a rugged mountain of an island with dramatic cliffs, archeological have digged and uncovered more than 100 Early Cycladic figurines like the famous harpist and flautist which now is in National Archeological Museum in Athens.

Geographically, Koufonisia group of islands are located on the southeast side of Naxos and on the west side of Amorgos and belong to the complex of the Lesser East Cyclades in Greece.

The specific geographical coordinates are 36°55’10.8″N 25°35’27.6″E in Aegean Sea.

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