Kimolos Yacht Charter

Kimolos, a volcanic island in the Aegean Sea  is one of the three islands off the coast of Milos.  The main economic resource of the island is its geology as it can export chalk. Chalk is extracted locally and the fine dust is a characteristic  sight on the northeast side of Kimolos. Locals are occupied with fishing and farming also but as main occupation the mining remains until the supply was exhausted.

The majority of the inhabitants in Kimolos  is concetrated on the southeast coast as there are wells providing water and some fertile land. The port in Kimolos named Psathy is a tiny one and is very close to the capital, Hora. Just south of Psathy there is a hamlet called Alyki named after the saltpan that sprawls behind a rather mediocre beach offering neither shade or shelter.

Strolling west one cove there is the windy Bonatsa beach in which you can enjoy the sand and the shallow water. Another cove further in the same direction is the Kalamitsi beach with a better shelter.  Exquisite Kimolos has enough beaches that can adjust to any taste.  In Kimolos Hora there is the Church of the Nativity and the delightful  Folk and Maritime Museum. In the way to reach them you must first wander the maze of streets through the medieval Kastro’s semicrumbling labyrinth.

The exact location of Kimolos in Greece is on the northwest side of Aegean Sea and the geographic coordinates of the island are  36°48’14.0″N 24°32’59.4″E.  The island of Kimolos is just too close to the big Milos and to small Poliegos on the northeastern side.

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