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Kastellorizo belongs to Dodecanese compex of islands in the Aegean Sea in Greece. The Kastellorizo group of islands is consisted of 14 islands. Kastellorizo is the biggest of all 14 islands and as such it has two names Kastellorizo and Megisti (in Greek means the largest) for its size. The Kastellorizo complex lies a breath away from the southwest Turkish coast and from the west side of the Kastellorizo stands the island of Rhodes just 80 miles far.

Far-flung Kastellorizo is insanely pretty, with cobbled alleys and brightly colored neoclassical houses with tiled roofs and wrought-iron balconies reflecting in the horseshoe bay. The island enjoys an enviable 320 days of sunshine per year, and the quality of the light here – the barren rock, the bright shades of the houses contrasted with the aquamarine-green of the sea – is stunningly photogenic. And while it may lack powder-fine beaches the island lays claim to the fabulous Blue Cave.

The island’s population is concentrated in the northern settlement of Kastellorizo – supposedly the finest natural harbour in compare th those on the Turkish coast – and its “suburb” of Mandraki, just over the fire-blasted hill with a half-ruined Knights’ castle. The village’s waterfront is skirted by vibrantly colored three – storey mansions that sit directly on the turquoise water. The labyrinthine backstreets are slowly being restored and rebuilt.

By boat the navigation between the inaccessible cliffs and caves, but also on the neighboring small islets , is easy and pleasant. Some of the islets included in the small archipelago are the Saint George, the Agrielia, the Mavro Poini, the Polifado, the Rw, the Stroggili.

Not far from the port on the southern part of the island stands the Blue Cave or Cave Parasta or else Fokiali. This cave is well known worldwide for its rich decoration from stalactites. The cave’s entrance is comparatively low in height and 75 meters length. The cave is an unforgettable sight belonging to  Kastellorizo.

Kastellorizo stands in a distance of 85 miles east from Rhodes, very close to Turkey ‘s coast. The specific geographical coordinates are 36°08’51.9″N 29°35’05.3″E in Aegean Sea.

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