Iraklia Yacht Charter
Iraklia is only 19.000 square km in area, a little Aegean gem dozing in the sun. Dump the party gear and spurn the nightlife, the sightseeing and the souvenir shops. Instead, brace yourself for a serene and quiet life and Iraklia will not disappoint you.  The island now boasts the first offshore desalination plant in Greece. And it’s driven by solar panels and windpower. You pass it as you enter the harbour. The port and main village of Iraklia is Agios Georgios. It has an attractive cove like harbour, complete with a sandy beach.

The islands best beach is Livadi  2 kilometres away from Hora. Is the biggest beach with sand and many tamarisks at the back of it. Another beautiful one is the Amoudi tou Mericha beach, a small pebble beach with clear blue water, on the southeast side of the island and it is only accessible by boat. Saint George, Karvounolakos, Alimia, Tourkopigado and many more are the beaches in that small island.

In Iraklia a must seen sight is the largest cave of the Cyclades, the cave of Saint John.  The significant presence of  stalactites and stalagmites and its history have proven the cave one of the most interesting in Greece. Legend says that the stones which Polyphemus flew to Odysseus from the cave of St. John have created the two islets of Iraklia known as Avelonisia.

In Alimia inlet in depth of about 7 meters, is a sunken German seaplane that had been broken during the Second World War. It is visible from the sea but many guests go diving to see it. Another attraction is The Village Saint Athanasios, the old abandoned settlement with interesting layout and houses with traditional Cycladic architecture.

This quiet island of Iraklia lies on the west side of  Schinousa very close to Naxos island. It is noteworthy that the island, despite its small size, characterized by extremely rich biodiversity. Birds are the fauna of the area that has been studied more in Iraklia. The specific geographic coordinates are 36°50’45.0″N 25°27’13.3″E.

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