Folegandros Yacht Charter

Folegandros island with it’s bewitched beauty lies on the southern edge of the Cyclades group of islands in Greece. The alluring cliff-top capital, Hora of Folegandros is one of the most appealing villages in the whole group of Cyclades archipelago.  Folegandros is a small island with a total area of 32.000 square kilometres.

The remoteness and ruggedness of the island made it a place of exile for political prisoners from Roman times to the 20th century, and as late as the military dictatorship of 1967–74.  Today, the seductive charm of Folegandros has left its grim history behind. Boats dock at the little harbour of Karavostasis, on the east coast. The only other settlement of any size is Ano Meria, 4 kilometres northwest of Hora. There are several good beaches, but be prepared for strenuous walking to reach some of them.

Folegandros’ port is a sunny place with a pleasant pebble beach. Within a kilometre north and south of Karavostasis lies a series of beaches, all enjoyable and easily reached by short walks. In high season, boats leave Karavostasis for beaches further afield.  Folegandros belongs to Cyclades group of islands in Aegean Sea. It has a total area of 32.300 square kilometres. The climate is dry in Folegandros with a few rains. The inclination taken by the trees to the southern side confirms the fact that Folegandros is extremely exposed to northern winds throughout the year.

Folegandros located about 10 miles west of Sikinos island and about 23 miles east of Milos. The specific geographic coordinates are 36°37’40.5″N 24°55’06.1″E in the Aegean Sea.

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