Yacht Charter Antiparos

Antiparos is one of the islands offshore from Paros. The port and the main village with the same name Antiparos are free from tension and anxiety. Although the waterfront encounter a tourist atmosphere moving towards to the deep inland you may  enjoy the peacefulness in the squares and alleyways. Antiparos population is considered to be about 1100 inhabitants. The main settlement is on the south side of the island of Antiparos and it’s strong characteristic is the clam that you receive via the atmosphere and the local’s behavior.

Glyfa just 4 kilometres from the port and Soros are the most popular of the decent beaches in Antiparos which are located on the east coast. Worthwhile visiting the Venetian Castle of Antiparos which dates from the 13th to 16th centuries. The castle is surrounding by quirky staircases and balkonies while in the center the stone water tower and the gnomic churches are in good condition. The impressive cave in Antiparos is another sight that deserves your attention. Although stalactites and stalagmites have looted it in the past, the cave remains admirably in its place.

Some fine sandy small coves are in the southwest coast of the island, at Saint George, and Kalogeros. In the southwest side from Saint George there are caiques that come and go to the Despotiko, the archeologically rich island just opposite to Saint George. The geographical coordinates of Antiparos are 36.998472, 25.052149 in Aegean Sea.

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