Yacht Charter Anticythera

Anticythera is a tiny wind blown 22 square kilometres island about 13 kilometres to the south of Cythera. This small island offers such beauty and calmness that can easily captivated you. Even a few days on the island seems a lot time as you feel so relaxed that ever.

Rocky and poor, and a site of political exile until 1964, the island only received electricity in 1984. Local attractions include good birdlife and flora.

Recent excavation work above Xeropotamos has revealed the site of ancient Aigila, a 75-acre fortress city of the Hellenistic period. At the harbour below are the remains of one of ancient Greece’s best-preserved warship slipways, a neosoikos, carved out of the rock.

The island has one remarkable claim to fame, the Anticythera Mechanism, an ancient bronze clockwork “calendar computer” discovered in 1902 in a nearby shipwreck and dated to around 87 BC. It is thought to have been used for calculating the motion and positions of the earth, moon and five other planets, and is the earliest known mechanism with a differential gear by about 1600 years. It is now kept in the National Archeological Museum, Athens.

According to the last census the permanent residents of the island are 45 which are of course increasing on summer. Special natural beauty is the area of Kamarela, a real miracle of nature, where the swimming in the sea is a great experience.

In the nothern part of the island the ancient walled city is very well maintained and is truly worth while visiting. Anticythera is located in the Aegean sea in Greece with specific geographical coordinates 35°52’00.0″N 23°18’00.0″E , about 30 miles from the south part of Crete.

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