Anafi Yacht Charter

Anafi is situated a mere 19km east of Santorini, a tiny island perched on a distant horizon somewhere with a slow-paced traditional lifestyle and striking Cycladic landscapes. There are few other visitors outside high summer, which is a big part of its charm.

Although idyllic geographically, Anafi is a harsh place, its mixed granite and limestone core overlaid by volcanic rock spewed out by Thira’s eruptions. Apart from the few olive trees and vines grown in the valleys, the only plants that seem to thrive are prickly pears.

The glory of Anafi is a string of south-facing beaches starting under the cliffs at Agios Nikolaos. These – along with two nearby monasteries – are accessible by road and it is truly worthwhile visiting.

Anafi island located 15 miles east of Oia Santorini and about 30 miles east south of Astypalea. The specific geographical coordinates are 36°21’59.2″N 25°46’04.0″E in Aegean Sea.

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